Monday, February 27, 2006

Writing Tips

Tips for Writing a First-Rate Story About Your Classroom Experience

  • Create an anecdotal account of an event or series of event(s) that had a profound and positive impact on you or on the particular person/class you are writing about.

  • Show, don't tell. Color your account with action, imagery, dialog, and/or dramatic scenes. Minimize use of adjectives and adverbs. Make the reader experience the events and emotions portrayed.

  • Write straight from your heart. Make each scene as real for the readers as it was for you and the other participants.

  • Begin with a strong lead that hooks the reader, and that clearly and creatively introduces the main character(s), plants the seed for the central premise, and sets the scene.

  • Build your letter around a distinctive, compelling, and believable premise that weaves together the story and drives the story forward.

  • Use lively, descriptive language that is appropriate for the time, place, and people depicted in the story as well as for Miracles in the Classroom readers (that is, mainstream adult).

  • A sample account is posted on this blog; just click on the Sample Story link to the right.


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